Current Payment Methods for UK Players


Before choosing a suitable online casino for himself, a player studies reviews. He checks the gaming provider, the variety of games, whether the mobile version of the site or the gambling establishment works conveniently, and much more. But if the online casino does not support a payment method suitable for the player, then most likely the player will pass by. So that you do not waste your time, we have collected information for you on available payment methods, read:



List of current bonuses

This list includes the main types of bonuses available to Users of our site when they go to the Best Payout Online Casino page

Bonuses are a super important element of any online gambling establishment. This is a very effective way to attract and retain a player. Each casino always tries to create a unique bonus system that would be effective and fun. But there is often confusion on the topic of bonuses, and many players do not always understand what status bonus funds received from replenishment of a deposit or free spins have. In this list, we tried to categorize the most popular bonuses in the Best Payouts Casino:

Deposit Bonuses:

  • Free Spins Bonus
  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Signup Bonus (Welcome Bonus)
  • Existing Player Bonus
  • Free Trial Bonus
  • Cashback Bonus
  • Deposit Method Bonus
  • Comp Points

The famous roulette player Charles Wells dreamed of wealth and incredible popularity all his life. He spent all his money on roulette and, as you know, such efforts were not in vain. Since he became the only person whose name became famous all over the world.

It was Charles Wells who began to be called the Man who broke the bank in Monte Carlo, his name has also been forever included in the entire history of gambling.

Back in July 1891, he went to Monte Carlo to play roulette.

He took out a bank loan secured by his famous invention. Wells played for 11 hours and during that time he was able to break the pot 12 times. Really impressive numbers. After such an overwhelming win, the casino didn't have enough chips to continue playing. He was able to win as many as 20 out of 30 spins. Wells took away from the casino the amount of 1 million francs.

In the fall, he again visited Monte Carlo and within three days was able to win 1 million francs at the casino. Naturally, the casino employees immediately became interested in this person. For them all this was extremely suspicious. However, all attempts to reveal the secret of the millionaire failed. Wells himself later said that he was very lucky.

Later, in 1892, a song was even composed about Charles Wells, entitled "The Man Who Broke the Bank in Monte Carlo."
Wells was ultimately convicted of fraud and also sentenced to three years in prison. As a result of all this, he needed to immigrate to France. However, in France, he also could not calm down and continued his occupation. As a result, he received another 5 years in prison. Wells died in Paris in 1926. At this time, oddly enough, he was very poor.

In 1935, the memory of this legendary man was immortalized in the famous film called The Man Who Broke the Bank in Monte Carlo. A little later, a book of the same title appeared. The famous Michael Butterworth became its author.


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